Saturday, December 19, 2009

Alaska - Day 2 - More Snow!

Today we had a very busy day.  More snow fell so there was more shoveling to be done.  I helped this time.
I came in for a little while to warm up against Mr. Cookie's husky.  She's very warm!

 I wanna ride the snow machines!  Can I drive one all by myself? No, I'm too little.  I ride with Cookie's son.

 Then, when we were all done playing in the snow, we went out for Chinese buffet.  That's Mr. Cookie.  I want his sushi.
After dinner, we saw the movie Avatar.  Those people are blue.  Does that mean they're cold?

For dessert, we had Moose Tracks ice cream!  I have my spoon and I'm going to dive right in!

~Later, Zeph

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