Saturday, October 10, 2009

South Africa

 Here I am, in South Africa!

A Stellenbosch wine vineyard.

Which way should we go? Wellington? Stellenbosch?

These statues are found all around Stellenbosch and were made by a famous artist (but I don't remember the name).

I got to help this lady spin fabric using an old spinner.

 All of these wooden sculptures are made by Xhosa and Zulu tribesmen.

Traditional Xhosa beads are still worn today on the people who choose to still live like their ancestors, especially the ones with multiple colors (bottom, second from the right).

Port Elizabeth.  Tribesmen greeting us in the baggage terminal.  I hear they usually wear a lot less!  You can see a reflection of police in the window but they refused to take a picture with me.

What a neat trip to a unique place! Now I'm off again!

~Later, Zeph