Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alaska - Day 1 - Snow!

Hello from Alaska!  I arrived just as the snow started falling. Snow fell for three days!  I stayed inside most of the time because Cookie wanted me to get used to the snow and cold gradually, even with my sweater on!  But when she let me go outside...  I made a snow angel!

And I looked out over the frozen lake behind Cookie's house and felt the snow falling on my head.

When I cam back inside, I hung a snowflake on the Christmas tree.  That will help me remember playing in the snow!

For dinner, we ate baked macaroni and cheese, brussels sprouts and reindeer sausage.  I made Cookie PROMISE that was NOT one of Santa's reindeer.  She says it isn't.   I told her brown bears don't eat brussels sprouts, we only eat meat.  *Black* bears eat veggies.  But she says no, brown bears eat veggies sometimes.  So I ate them.

~Later, Zeph

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