Friday, November 13, 2009

Washington D.C. - Day 3 - Write-in

This evening we drove to Panera Bread in Old Town Fairfax for a write-in.  melydia's friend KateKintail (who was very excited to meet me) is participating in National Novel Writing Month ( and is hosting write-ins around the area throughout the month.  Though melydia's not doing it this year, she worked on some character designs for a comic book she's making.  I got to meet her writing mascot, Swag, an orange teddy who hopes to one day become a world traveler like me.  He says his job is
to stare at her until she meets her writing goal for the day, but he wasn't very effective tonight: melydia and KateKintail spent most of the time gabbing and laughing.  That's okay - KateKintail often paused to "awww" at me. :)

~Later, Zeph

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