Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some stuff about me.

This being my first post, I thought I should post some things about me, and maybe a few pictures too.

I was named after Mega Zeph, a roller coaster at the now defunct Six Flags New Orleans.
Likes: Christmas presents, boating, parties.
Dislikes: Dogs, people who misspell names, boredom.
My birthday: May 20

I also love to play hide and go seek, and long airplane rides.

Here's a great picture of me, and another of me on a hammock:

My favorite tv show is Firefly, but I like to watch tv with Lola (my best friend), we also watched 4th of July fireworks together!

Before I get to leave on my own adventure, I get to go on one with the family.  I know where it is, but we are trying to keep it a secret from Lola!

~Later Zeph

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